Chris Fisher, best-selling author of seventeen books, filmmaker and television host shares galvanizing storylines that connect audiences with skills that organizations value.  Trained in the sciences he has since traveled the world as a lecturer, exploring and investigating the universal strategies of success common to individuals, institutions and organizations.

Chris has a diverse portfolio of accomplishments including “Birds of Alberta” one of the best-selling books ever published in Alberta.  Other titles to his name include; Mammals of Alberta, Reptiles and Amphibians of Canada, Birds of New York City.  He has also written extensively for environmental education resources and documentary films featured on The Nature of Things with David Suzuki, Discovery Channel and Animal Planet.  Television credits include co-writer of the long running series 'Acorn, the Nature Nut' and as writer and host of ‘Wildfiles.TV’- a 13 episode children's TV series.  This diversity of experience has solidified his understanding of the creative process, teamwork and leadership.

Chris is an experienced travel authority on regional storylines and world-wide destinations.  His work as a traveling lecturer has taken him to over 70 countries on every continent and has incubated a balanced worldview.  Through his presentations, Chris shares the most poignant experiences and stories from around the world that reveal the keys to maximizing success.

By the Numbers

•200,000 books sold

•900 speaking gigs

•160 destinations

•64 countries

•26 TV episodes

•17 published books

•13 produced songs

•10 documentary films