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Chris Fisher works with professional organizations to break the barriers of  innovation leadership and engagement.


Meet this best-selling author and charismatic keynote speaker to see how his travels and insight can inspire professional development through life, business and leadership lessons.




“Chris entertains, amazes and possesses a unique blend of knowledge, presentations, personal skills and salesmanship”  •  Holland America Line

“Excellent presentation, Chris, we were all amazed and inspired!”

     •  2013 ASPB and PCES Conference

“Chris shares his extensive ecological knowledge with a delivery that is entertaining, creative and enthusiastic.”  •  Martin Festival

“I was extremely impressed with Chris’s knowledge of natural history and his formal lectures were very well- delivered and beautifully illustrated.”   • David D. Smith, Ph.D., CA

“As a trainer who regularly delivers workshops to people we liked your easy style. You made it seem like a ‘chat’ rather than hurling facts and figures.” • Delta Group, UK

“a model for nature writers in the future” • The San Francisco Chronicle