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Piping Plover: Alberta's Wide Side Vignette

This series of vignettes, produced for the Alberta Conservation Association, continues Canada's long legacy of conservation storytelling. Rather than take a fact-based approach, we told the story of the Piping Plover appealing to our emotions and values.  This video also incorporates the "And, But, Therefore" rule of storytelling in order to fully engage an audience who may have never heard of these small shorebirds.  Aside from appearing on YouTube, this series also is seen on CTV2 and WildTV.

Harry Potter as an model for Engagement

In this clip from a presentation to the Prairie Conservation and Endangered Species Conference 2013, I utilize the general knowledge from the Harry Potter films to make a point on engagement.  I propose that several invented and utterly obscure terms have become well-known to those who have experienced the novel and films.  Unlike the scientific and technical community who often puts out terms such as these without context- the storytelling framework of Harry Potter successfully makes what is often unpalatable, acceptable to a novel audience.   

Dr Seuss and the Value of Constraints to Creativity

Barriers and challenges are viewed as being beneficial to the creative process.  In this video, I tell the story of how Dr Seuss took up the challenge of writing a book using only 50 different words.  To emulate Seuss and reinforce the point that I am making on creativity, I challenged myself to deliver this topic in the form of a Seussian poem.    

Bighorn Sheep: Alberta Wild Side Vignette

For our Alberta Conservation Association profile of Bighorn Sheep, we decided to take a different approach to presenting Alberta's provincial mammal.  As the audience for this series is 'Alberta', we wanted to take advantage of regional identity.  The Bighorn is ideally suited for this and the result hopes to build a connection between the general public and wildlife - through shared values and regional pride.  Aside from appearing on YouTube, this series also is seen on CTV2 and WildTV.

Bob, the Wood Frog: Wildfiles.TV Music Video

On our children television series "Wildfiles" we produced a music video complimenting each of the 13 episodes.  'Bob' was written years before we ever shot the series and had always been popular whenever I sang it in classrooms or around campfires.  It was a natural for the show and remains fun to perform to this day.

The song shares the fascinating life cycle of a wood frog, by personalizing the adventures of Bob. We hear how he finds a mate, spends the winter and even how he dies.  This unsettling ending often shocks kids, but they soon get over it and take away a life lesson.